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EECAD Virtual Lab Access – GWC-273

Remote access with SSH

The ASU VPN client is not needed to connect to these computers. Please turn off the VPN client and any other VPN software you may have running.

For Remote Access via Windows

You may use PuTTY or a similar SSH client on Windows

For Remote Access On Mac or Linux

You can SSH directly from a terminal window:

SSH settings – increase timeout


Remote Access using RealVNC

Currently the EECAD lab computers can be accessed remotely using the RealVNC viewer. Other VNC viewers are not able to login properly.

(1) The ASU VPN client is not needed to connect to these computers. Please turn off the VPN client and any other VPN software you may have running

(2) Please use the RealVNC viewer to connect to the EECAD servers as described below, VNC is required for programs like Cadence and HFSS that use 3-D graphics.

(3) Download RealVNC viewer for your type of computer:

Run the RealVNC viewer installer as needed for your type PC or mobile device.

(4) SSH to one of the EECAD computers, and start the VNC server by typing “vncserver” in a terminal window.

[bobsmith@eecad500 ~]$ vncserver

You will see the following output in the SSH window: —————————————————————————–
[bobsmith@eecad500 ~]$ vncserver

VNC(R) Server 6.6.0 (r41938) x64 (Sep 19 2019 16:09:45)

Copyright (C) 2002-2019 RealVNC Ltd.

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7.7, Linux 3.10.0, amd64

VNC Server catchphrase: “Point oregano empire. Melon satire game.”

signature: 7e-95-f2-8a-5b-f4-91-d7

Log file is /afs/

New desktop is eecad500:1

(5) Back on your computer start the RealVNC Viewer.

Enter the hostname and port number show above when you started the vncserver on eecad500 (or other) server.

NOTE: Keep track of the desktop address and port number show on the last line of output, for this example we are using the desktop and port —

Enter your ASURITE username and password in the Authentication window:

(6) When you successfully connect you will see the VNC desktop view of the EECAD server you are connected to.

VNC Viewer Resolution

If you would like to adjust the screen resolution open the settings app in the upper right corner and choose Devices -> display -> resolution

Lower resolution will make the connection faster.



The VNC server will continue to run with your desktop and application still running even if you disconnect, you can reconnect to the same desktop later using the VNC server address in your ReaVNC viewer

You can logout from the Redhat desktop from the menu in the upper right corner and your VNCserver session will logout and shutdown your server session. Otherwise just exit the VNC window if you would like to re-connect later.

Common Questions about using CAD tools from off campus

(1) AFS home directory quota

To check your home directory quota type at the command prompt: “fs q”.

(2) You may also check your quota and cleanup your files from the MyASU page in the MyFiles tab.