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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering | Engineering Technical Services

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As part of ASU’s initiative to develop an Emergency Preparedness Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for ASU departments, the Fulton Schools of Engineering has developed an IT Risk Assessment Corrective Action Plan, which includes the development of the Engineering Business Continuity Plan.

This ongoing project uses ASU Ready, an on-line tool that stores these plans for those adverse events that we call disasters.  Disaster-events can be wide in scope or more localized to a building or unit. The goal of continuity planning is to enable us to continue our mission, despite these events. The plans are “living documents” and reviewed on an annual basis.  This involves testing the plan, developing risk mitigation strategies and developing standard operating procedures for critical functions.

The plans identify:

  • Critical Functions performed by each department, and the factors needed for their continuance.
  • Information and Strategies that will help during and after a disaster-event.
  • Action Items to be done to lessen the impact of these events and make us ready to cope.


Each unit within FSE has completed a COOP plan, which they manage themselves. This Fall, all Engineering plans will be reviewed for any content changes. Each plan will conduct their annual test by October to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and identify further refinements.