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The University Technology Office will be making a change to the devices that provide SSLVPN service on January 25th, 2019. This change will disable some old security protocols and settings. All systems connecting on or after that date will need to be running AnyConnect 4.2.x or later or the client may fail to connect, or may randomly disconnect. This includes mobile devices as well. On some mobile devices the 4.x version is a separate download, so updating a user’s device to the “latest” version using the device’s App Store may only install the latest 3.x version.


The 4.x desktop client versions require either Windows 7 SP1 (with all patches installed) or newer, Mac OS X 10.11.x or newer, or Ubuntu 14.04/Red Hat 6 or newer. The clients may work on older operating systems, but Cisco does not provide support for those OS versions since the vendors are no longer actively maintaining them.


The 4.6.x desktop client versions, which is what we are currently advertising to users, are available via SCCM, MyApps, or by going to