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Ansys For Research


Note: the Ansys Teaching Edition is available in several classrooms and computer labs free of charge.

Engineering Technical Services currently offers Ansys Academic Research engineering simulation software (i.e. Ansys Research Edition) on a Pay-as-you-Go basis. ASU faculty and students that wish to use the Ansys Research Edition license will have to register at to grant access to the license server. The registration process requires providing an ASUrite username and an ASU area/org account number. Ansys billing is created around an average determined from the previous year usage.  ETS will bill on an annual basis in January.  The cost to users will be based upon overall shared usage from all users during the previous year. To help determine what your cost may be, for 2018 Ansys was determined to have an average cost of $.068 per checkout. You should use this number for the anticipated cost for 2019. The actual cost may be higher or lower, depending on usage, so please use as an estimate only. This new process applies only to the Ansys research license.

An Ansys license checkout is defined as an entry in the license server log file for one simulation run. Ansys has many different features that use differing amounts of license checkouts. Running an Ansys CFD, HPC or DYNA simulation may use one license checkout. Other Ansys products like Maxwell or HFSS that are more interactive may produce a larger amount of license checkouts. For questions on license checkouts for your Ansys usage please contact ETS.