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These web projects which have been created for Academic Affairs.

Project NameProject Description
Advising Feedback (Point-of-Service) Surveys
  • Feedback mechanism by which students, 2 days after an advising appointment, are allowed to submit a short confidential survey on how their appointment went.

  • All responses may be viewed by Academic Affairs Admin Staff, while Advisors are only allowed to have a summarized, anonymous view of the results. Charting is included which shows average response values over time.
Advising SchedulingAdvising Appointment Scheduling System.
Advisor SurveysOnline Evaluations of Advisors by Students run periodically throughout the year, including admin portal to view statistics for both admins and advisors to see their results
CAD Lab Student Check-inStudent Check-in for SEMTE CAD Lab (for usage tracking), includes portal for administration and reports
Course OverrideAllows Students to request override requests for a course. Provides workflow to admins, advisors, etc. once request is made.
Course Request TrackingAllows advisors to track students who are unable to obtain a seat in an undergrad class, which is then used to help Academic Affairs determine scheduling needs.
Event SignupEvent "RSVP" application where students can confirm attendance for defined events
Exam SignupOnline MSE Comprehensive Exam Signup for ECEE students run in Spring and Fall. Results are manually emailed to the MSE specialist.
Express Advising Queuing SystemSystem to manage queuing of students to Academic Advising areas (Walk-ins). Integrates with current advising scheduler to send out feedback surveys.
FURI Student Research ApplicationSystem to manage Student Undergrad research applications and Faculty Approval
Grad App AdmissionsFilter Graduate Admission Applications
Instructor EvaluationsStudent Instructor Evaluations, run periodically throughout the year. Includes Instructor Portal and Administration Portal
IntakeFulton Career Center Student Check-In including follow-up surveys. Separate Portal for Admins to view Statistics
Interim Course Feedback SurveysInstructors may create mid-semester, anonymous feedback surveys
Laptop CheckoutTrack checkouts of laptop and other equipment. Connect users who checkout laptops to a course detail report by semester.
Medical Compassionate Withdrawal Request (In progress)Docuware Process to manage student requests for Medical Compassionate Withdrawal
Scholarship Undergraduate and GraduateAuthor, apply, pre-filter, award, track, and clone scholarships, student applications, awards, award ceremony documents, and SAA processing, throughout current and past academic year cycles.
Student VerifyStudent Verification System for Computer Lab
Tutor Check-In / Check-OutTrack student visits, TA Office worker Hours, and Machine Shop machine usage by course and student org to several Engineering Tutor Centers. Connect visitors to PeopleSoft data in various reports.
UGSE Student Success Check-inStudent Check-in for UGSE, includes portal for administration and reports
UGTASystem to manage the assignment of teaching assistants to Faculty Requests for TA's